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Microsoft Teams Help - Students

Microsoft Teams may be used by your teachers to hold live lessons and assign work. Teams can be accessed from any modern browser (e.g Google Chrome), desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Windows 11 devices: The pre-installed version of Teams on Windows 11 does not currently support education accounts - Please follow the instructions here to install the desktop version.

A Teams account has already been created for you.

To log in to Teams enter your school email address and password

Your email address is:

Teams Login Page

A Team you are a member of will look like this:

  1. Team name and list of Channels – Your teacher may create Channels for each topic
    If a live lesson is in progress, a camera icon will be displayed by the Channel

  2. Tab list – all apps in the Team are displayed as Tabs here. You will likely only need to use Posts or Assignments
  3. Reply – If your teacher has allowed it, you can comment on posts by clicking on Reply
  4. Meeting – If a live lesson is in progress, click Join to join it
  5. New Post – If your teacher has allow this, you may start a new discussion using the box at the bottom
Team page