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Microsoft Teams Help - Staff

Staff laptops must have been connected to the school network after 13/04/2020 for Teams to function correctly.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that allows sharing files, hosting live lessons (video chats), assigning quizzes and assignments, automatically grading quizzes, and general chat.​

Teams is not just for teaching and learning. Staff can use it to keep in contact with each other, hold meetings, and instant message.

Teams Team Selection Screen

Accessing Microsoft Teams

Teams is part of Office 365, your log in details for Office 365 are your email address and normal school password- i.e

The Teams app can be accessed one of these locations:

In School

Teams can be accessed​​ through:

​Start Menu Microsoft Office Microsoft Teams

Teams in Windows Start Menu

At Home

When on a personal computer or staff laptop at home

  1. Log into the Teams web app
  2. Click on your initials in the top right corner
  3. Click 'Download the desktop app'
Teams Download Button

Microsoft have a wealth of knowledge available to help you get used to Teams. The pages in this help area will cover the most common use cases we have thought of. If you would like to do further reading, you can do so here:

Microsoft Teams Education Help Pages

Microsoft Teams Generic Hel​p Pages​

Teams Quick Start PDF