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For further guidance and our BYOD policies, please visit this page

Thomas Hardye School operates a 'bring your own device' network that allows staff, students and guests to access school services and the Internet via their own wireless devices.

Use of the network is subject (but not limited) to the following conditions:

  • Electronic Communication Device – such devices include laptops, netbooks and notebooks, iPads and tablets, Kindle and e-readers, iPod Touch, smartphone and mobile phones and any other devices that allow electronic communication. Devices that are primarily aimed at gaming or are primarily a music player are not allowed. Similarly, devices that just permit the making of phone calls and sending texts are also not allowed. Thomas Hardye School will make the final decision whether any such device is permitted.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged – Students who bring such devices into school do so entirely at their own risk, just like any other personal item. Thomas Hardye School will not accept any responsibility for devices that are miss-placed, lost, stolen or damaged. Many devices have a location finder app and it is recommended that this feature is enabled to aid tracking where ever possible. It is also recommended that such devices are fully insured to cover loss and damage outside of the home.
  • Security and Care - Students are responsible for the proper care and use of their own device. Students are responsible for the adequate security of their own device whilst in school, keeping it with them at all times when required or securing properly in their own locker. It is recommended that students do not share or lend their device to other pupils. Educational use – Devices will only be used for educational purposes to support learning whilst in school. It will be at the teacher’s discretion as to when these devices may be used by a student within school. Students will respect a teacher’s decision and turn off their device when requested to do so.
  • Audio, Photographs and Video – Students will not use their device to record audio or take photographs or video of other students or members of staff without their permission. Students will not transmit or upload such media without permission.
  • Internet Usage Policy – Devices will only access the internet through the Thomas Hardye School network. Students will adhere to the school’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy and E- Safety Policy whilst on the school site. In addition Students will not access any inappropriate material that may or may not already be downloaded onto their device. Members of staff have the right to access a student’s own device if there is reason to believe a student is in violation of this policy or the above mentioned policies.
  • Students breaching the BYOD Policy – If a student breaches the BYOD Policy or if a member of staff feels that they are likely to have breached this policy then the student’s device will be confiscated and held in the school office. The student’s parent will be contacted and they will need to come into school to collect the device. Subsequent breaches of this policy by the same student will result with that student no longer permitted to bring in their own device.

The above conditions are an overview, the complete 'Bring Your Own Device to School (BYOD) Policy for Students' document can be found on the Policies page.