Future Events Academic year 2015-2016

Y11 Health Day Tuesday 13th October 2015
Information on Testicular Cancer – boys
Information on Cervical and Breast Cancer – girls

Y10 Citizenship Tuesday 17th November 2015

Y9 Operation Blitz Thursday 3rd December 2015
Solomon Theatre present a production linked to the use of alcohol and the links with underage drinking. The Dorset Fire and Rescue Service and the Police present sessions on the law and safety risks associated with alcohol. Qualified THS staff present First Aid sessions linked to alcohol use.

Y9 Homophobia Tuesday 8th March 2016
Sessions that consider homophobia in relation to lifestyle choices and bullying

Y10 Power of Love Tuesday 15th March 2016

Y10 Health Days Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th June 2016

Y10 Model UN Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th July 2016