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Student Voice

The Thomas Hardye Student Voice 2016/17

At The Thomas Hardye School we are continually seeking to improve the service we offer to students, their parents and the community. An important part of our development strategy is to the listen to the voices of our students. This section of our web-site is intended to be an area where our students can communicate their ideas and opinions to each other, to their parents and the wider community.

These 'voices' may be from the more structured environment of the 'Student Voice' or the 'Sixth Form Union' or they may be creative pieces made by students in their lessons or in their own.


What is the 'Student Voice'?

Twelve students, four from each year represent the whole of the lower school. The aim is for the student body to have the opportunity to suggest areas of improvement to a representative, making sure that each voice is heard and has the ability to make a difference.

How can you contact them?

You can e-mail the students with your ideas at the address below. These e-mails will be looked at and discussed at upcoming meetings. We will also be creating a community and discussion forum on the portal for students to share their own views on all aspects of the school. Alternatively you can find one of the students that represent your year group and speak to one of them.

What will the Student Voice actually do?

Meetings will be held to discuss your thoughts and opinions. Meetings will be held with the Headteacher and Year Co-ordinators to see to problems directly, and some held with the Governors to ask for particular improvements. Once thoroughly checked and discussed, improvements may be made around the school.

E-mail to:


A new DASP project for the 2015 Summer Term was Send My Friend to School. This brought together thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Send My Friend to School is run by the UK coalition of the Global Campaign for Education. See more at the website:

In DASP we created a box that all DASP schools contributed to.This included letters, stories and models. As each school added to the box, it was then passed on to the next. When the box was full it was delivered to our local MP, Oliver Letwin in Westminster.

Let the Student Voice of Thomas Hardye tell you more about it.

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And here is a video of our trip to the Houses of Parliament (24th June 2015)

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Minutes of Meetings


Minutes are as Adobe Acrobat Documents (Use the back button to return to this page) - view in your browser or save to your computer.

Further information is available on our Help page about downloading or reading Adobe Acrobat documents.

The 'Student Voice' Introductory Video

This video was made by members of the 'Student Voice' with the technical assistance of a member of staff. The words and the intent of the video are the students own.

What Makes a Good Teacher?

In a meeting between a group of students and Mr Wheal, the students were asked which qualities they thought made the Best Teachers...

The Best Teachers:

  • Explain things clearly
  • Make you work hard but have a laugh
  • Explain what you need to do to improve
  • Use different approaches in different parts of the lessons and on different days
  • Think about all the students in the class
  • Are fair
  • Set homework that is interesting not just homework for homeworks sake
  • Are very interested in their subject and make you interested
  • Are on your side
  • Make you think
  • Tell you when you have done well

What Makes a Good School?

In a meeting between a group of students and Mr Wheal, the students were asked what they thought were the things that could be used to measure the success of a Good School...

A Good School:

  • Achieves excellent exam results for all its students
  • Students feel they are treated fairly and with respect
  • There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Students behave well and treat each other with respect
  • Does well in sporting activities
  • Students and staff all look smart; students wear uniforms and teachers wear suits
  • Lots of students work on display
  • Attendance is high and lateness is rare
  • Has regular social and charitable events
  • Has good relations with the town and local business

The Sixth Form Student Union

The Union is a way for Sixth Form students to take charge of running various aspects of their school life. It organises social and sport events, charity fund-raising and much more. It represents each student in the Sixth Form. The Union officials, elected each year by members, are responsible for ensuring that students' voices are heard and that the Sixth Form is well presented.

How does The Union work?

The Union Assembly is a regular meeting of Union staff and all members who wish to attend. It makes all major decisions. Various 'Commissions' have responsibility for particular areas such as communications or social events. Sixth Form students run their Union and ensure that plans become reality. Any member can help run the Union and Union staff look for new talent and skills to add to the team.

The Union Magazine

'Six-sixty' is the Sixth Form magazine. Produced entirely by the Union it usually comes out once a term and is free. Inside you will find articles covering all aspects of Sixth Form life and about the wider world. The Union is always eager to receive contributions.

Charity and Community Projects

The Union works with the rest of the school, the wider community and charities. Each year, the Union tries to ease the transition from Year 11 to 12 for students.

This year the Sixth Form has raised money for the Meningitis Research Foundation, Sport Relief, Children in Need, Water Aid, and the Unicef Africa Project

Trips and Visits

The Union organises trips and visits for members. We have enjoyed trips to Alton Towers, gigs, concerts, shows, musicals and plays.

Mr Nicholls is the Student Union Support Co-ordinator for the Sixth Form Staff.