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Another great year of GCSE Results for Thomas Hardye

GCSE Results



From success to success:
77% 5 passes including English and maths
40% of students achieve at least 5 passes at (old) grade A or above
81% pass rate for maths
85% pass rate in English

Following on from last week’s exceptional A level results, Thomas Hardye reached another milestone with a record year at GCSE. Despite the introduction of new, more demanding examinations 77% of students achieved 5 passes including English and maths surpassing all previous records and remarkably, 40% of students achieved 5 passes at the old grade A or above. 81% of students achieved passes in maths and 85% in English; 41 students achieved the highest grade 9 in maths far exceeding government estimates of 3% for most schools; 28 students achieved 10 passes at the highest grades.

These results have been achieved during a period of unprecedented change to GCSE’s and headteacher, Mike Foley, was quick to give credit: “the exam system is being turned upside down, at GCSE and A level, and teachers have done a magnificent job to navigate us through such a turbulent period. Congratulations to all students who have achieved these results following such radical and demanding change.”



August 2018