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Year 6 SAT's Celebration

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A group of Year 9 girls from two sets in P.E went to St. Osmunds Middle School to host their Yr 6 celebration. All the Yr9 girls got into different groups of around 2-3 people. The aim was to create 12 games between us which the Year 6 children would be able to play. We spent around 2-3 lessons planning and creating the games we wanted the Year 6's to enjoy. After doing this we created a score system and recorded it on paper. On the day of the event we gathered up our equipment - ready for the set up in St Osmunds' school field. The way the games worked was in a clock formation and all the Year6's played and rotated in a clockwise direction. All of the Year 6 tutor groups were split into boys and girls with the tutor group as a whole trying to earn enough points to win. It was a fantastic day - many thanks to our teachers for organising the event. We enjoyed hosting it all of the Year 6's were lovely. 

Melissa Garanowako 9SR 

Mrs Way from St Osmund’s had this to say “I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to your pupils for organising and running our celebratory afternoon. Your class did you proud and behaved in such a mature, approachable manner. We were absolutely thrilled to have you there and the Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities your class had organised”

Well done to the Year 9 Sports Leaders: Mr Long, Mr Goulding and Mrs Biddle.








July 2018