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Walk for water 2018

Walk for water


Due to the late onslaught of winter this year, the Walk for Water was postponed till the end of April. However it still brought a cold windy day for just under 50 students to take part in the challenge. Meeting bright and early at 7.45 on a Sunday morning, the students made sure they were fully prepared with maps, warm clothes and most importantly their old screen washer fluid containers.

Through Dorchester to the east and then following the Jubilee Trail up onto Came Down, the students set off at a cracking pace, listening to music and even collecting litter as they went. After the first checkpoint we headed down of the ridge and walked along the valley underneath the White Horse before heading through Osmington village and then over the last hill to the Smugglers Inn in Osmington Mills. As always they provided a warm reception and provided us all with a welcome seat and free refreshments.

Although this was the halfway point the journey was only going to get more difficult, as when we ventured down to the beach we collected at least 5 litres of water (where our screen washer containers came in handy) – more if you wanted a bit more of a challenge. With the extra load the return journey was the same, but just a bit more hilly and a bit more of a struggle.

With this adventure the students were hoping to gain some idea of what millions of people around the world have to do on a daily basis – walk and collect water for themselves. Even though this water may well still be full of parasites, causing people severe illnesses such as cholera. By sponsoring these intrepid students you can help tackle one of the great social wrongs in the world, where people do not have access to clean water and sanitation. You can do that by either sponsoring a student, or you can visit the following page





April 2018