The Thomas Hardye School

Trenchard Peer Leader Scheme

Peer Leaders

Luis Atkinson, Jeff Joy, Jacob Cox, Finley Matthews, Issy Allinson, Vasilisa Grachova

Since the Autumn term, a group of 8 year 11 students have been linked in pairs with a year 9 Trenchard tutor group. They have been going in to the tutor group during morning registration and taking part in a variety of different activities.

They have been signing diaries and leading the college quiz on a Friday morning. As the options process has begun for the year 9 students, our peer leaders have been leading 1 to 1 tutorials with the students in order to help guide them through the process by giving them advice and helpful tips about choosing the best subjects for them.

The scheme has been a real success and is certainly something which will be repeated.

 “It was really great to be linked with a year 9 tutor group. I really enjoyed giving the students an insight into what life is like throughout Hardye’s and helping the students with their options!” Luis Atkinson 11MO









April 2018