The Thomas Hardye School

A taste of Japan for Napier

Japan Food


On Thursday 8th March, Napier college students enjoyed the tastes of Japan after receiving the latest parcel from their link-school in Kyoto, Japan.

As well as a booklet with introductions from the Japanese students, it contained a host of tasty treats from the land of the rising sun. Some things (such as the chocolate bars) went down very easily, while other things were a little more unusual to our palates. Green tea seemed to be the flavouring of choice for most things – even KitKats – which we learnt were often given as a ‘good luck’ gift to people before an important exam.

In reply, we are planning to make a video of a day in the life of our school to send back to them (perhaps with a few local delicacies of our own!).



March 2018