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11 Oxbridge Offers for Thomas Hardye Students

Oxbridge Candidates


English, Maths and Science lead the way with this year’s Oxbridge offers, contributing to the total of 11 successful applications.

Oxbridge applicants face a demanding admissions process including early submission of the UCAS application, admissions tests, sending written work and the interview. Crucial to success is demonstrating commitment to study their chosen subject at the highest level.

Mathematicians Harry Stuart and Molly Monks received offers to study at Oxford whilst Michael Norman has a conditional place at Cambridge. Head of Maths Miss Tanner says, “Harry, Michael and Molly are exceptional students whose success and interest in maths extends far beyond their A Levels. Harry and Michael are part of a team who won the national ‘Ritangle’ competition last term, where they had to answer problems set every day for 21 days. Molly recently gained a distinction in the British Maths Olympiad. They all use their expertise to work with younger students and encourage others to enjoy maths as much as they do.”

Three offers were awarded to English Literature scholars, including Gabriella Bailey who has an offer from Oxford and Imani Thompson, who completed her A-levels last summer, will take up a place at Cambridge. Head of English Mrs Glennie and Deputy Curriculum Leader Miss King write, “The English department is delighted that three of our brilliant and industrious English Literature students have received offers from Oxbridge. Their love of English has been apparent through their breadth of reading and their wider interest in the subject; they have been involved in writing articles for the Dorset Echo, food blogs and English discussion groups in school. From attending university taster courses, to choosing imaginative and thought-provoking extended projects which combined their different subject interests, they have taken the initiative and secured their continued success.”

A further three offers were awarded to scientists: chemist Sophie Bennett and chemical engineer Daniel Lappin have offers to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge whilst Bee Forder has won a highly coveted place to study Medicine at Oxford. Head of Science Mr Ellison and Head of Chemistry Miss Lewis state, “The Science Department would like to congratulate Bee, Sophie and Daniel on their successful applications. They are outstanding young scientists, engaging in many activities available at the Thomas Hardye School which go beyond the science curriculum. Daniel and Sophie have both received awards in the recent British Physics Olympiad whilst Bee has taken part in a Royal Society funded project in partnership with Exeter University to identify Borrelia in ticks. They have also researched collaboratively on the structure of calcium carbonate as part of Project M and taken part in twilight practical sessions held at Southampton University. We wish them every success.”

Other successful candidates are Martha Oakes (Cambridge, French and German) and Matthew Holman (Oxford, History). Head of Languages Mr Davidson writes, “Martha is an excellent linguist whose passion for languages is infectious.  She loves to immerse herself in French and German culture, reading books and plays in both languages beyond what is studied in school, and the level of her spoken language is outstanding.” History teacher and Head of Sixth Form Mrs Taylor states, “Matthew is a talented historian who has a critical and analytical approach to his studies. He clearly has an exciting academic future ahead of him and we wish him all the very best.”

Medicine candidates for all UK institutions also have to apply by the early 15th October UCAS deadline; so far Thomas Bradbury has received an offer to study Medicine at Plymouth and we have a pleasing number of other candidates who have been invited to interview or are waiting to hear the outcomes. Thomas has impressed us with his commitment to preparing for a career in medicine, and this successful application is richly deserved.
Students can join the Early Applicant programme of support in the Autumn of Year 12, complementing exceptional teaching and learning opportunities in the Thomas Hardye Sixth Form. This programme is part of our extensive Futures provision available for both years of the Sixth Form for all chosen pathways, including subject discussion groups and visits both from admissions tutors and companies promoting apprenticeships. We are most grateful to alumni, visitors, staff and former staff for their involvement in mock interviews and we are very proud of the hard work of all students who have been part of the Early Applicant programme over the last year.

Miss K Platt
Early Applicant Co-ordinator



January 2018