The Thomas Hardye School

The Sun Shines on the Remembrance Ceremony

Remembrance Readers



Thomas Hardye School was fortunate for the second year running, in that the weather chose to behave on the morning of our Remembrance Ceremony. This annual event remembers all the ex students from Dorchester Schools who lost their lives in World War One and Two.

The whole school turns out at the top of Queens Avenue to hear readings and the names of the fallen. Our CCF present themselves in front of the school gates and wreaths are laid.

This years readings were by Niall Summers, Sarah Trott, Bea Green, Ruby Crook-English and Christian Hardy. The last post was played beautifully by Tom Bidwell. The Wreath layers were Alice Thursby, Alice Padgett, Freddie Marsden, Stefan Oakes and Jake Perkins along with guests and members of the Governing body.

It is always awe inspiring that over 2000 students and staff stand in complete silence for two minutes when the proverbial pin dropping could no doubt be heard! It shows the enormous respect the whole school have for the meaning of this ceremony that each year this silence is observed to perfection.


CCF Marching


November 2017