The Thomas Hardye School

Physics Competition Winners

UCL Prizewinners

Aidan, Bee and Daniel receive their certificates from Prof. Griffiths


In the summer term, all of the 85, Year 1 A-level physics students undertook a project, as part of their required practical programme. This was to measure and investigate the inverse square law for gamma radiation.

The students were also required to produce a presentation to highlight their project, focussing on the risk assessment when handling and measuring radioactive sources. The best ten were selected by the physics staff and sent to Proff Hugh Griffiths, lecturer in engineering at UCL. He then selected the top three. Professor Griffiths kindly came into school to present the prizewinners with their certificates.

The first prize winner was Daniel Lappin, second was Aidan Caddy and third was Bee Forder.

Mr Rand




November 2017