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A taste of the Classics!



Professor Hall with the Year 12 students who helped


On Monday 10th July, thirty Year 10 students took part in a Classics taster session in the school library.

Professor Edith Hall from King’s College London delivered a short talk to the students, introducing them to the study of Classics and explaining how varied and valuable it can be as a subject option.

The students were then split into smaller groups to look at a particular aspect of the classical world with the help of current Year 12 A Level Classical Civilisation students.

In their small groups, the students examined a selection of historical sources in order to determine who was the best and worst Roman emperor. There was a lot of competition for best emperor, but the title of worst emperor was ‘won’ by Nero who allegedly had his own mother killed and sang while the city of Rome burned.

Professor Hall is currently leading Advocating Classics Education, which is a national initiative that aims to promote the teaching of Classical Civilisation in state schools.

The website for the project is

She is keen for as many people as possible to support her research by completing a short survey about the provision of Classics in the state sector. The survey can be accessed at:

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July 2017