The Thomas Hardye School

Stratford School Link – Picnic with Dorchester Opportunity Group


On Monday 8th May, students from Stratford’s school link committee went down to the Prince of Wales School to take students for Dorchester Opportunity Group out for a picnic. Dorchester Opportunity is made up of students who find it hard to express themselves and sometimes need 1:1 supervision and support, it is not very often these students will get to experience a picnic due to not always having enough volunteers.

It was a fantastic and rewarding morning for the students, who helped them out on different play apparatus, played games with them and sat down to have their lunch with them. One student Anne Woodhouse said ‘An experience like this is invaluable, it really makes you feel like you are making a difference to these younger students’

In the future we hope to do something like this again, and are planning on going down to complete some painting jobs for them to brighten up their play areas.

Miss Bright





May 2017