The Thomas Hardye School

Trenchard Teach Year 3’s about the 3 R’s!

Trenchard Students

On Tuesday 2nd May, a group of 10 Trenchard students visited the Prince of Wales school to teach Year 3 students about how to reduce, re-use and recycle! They planned sessions and prepared resources and delivered these wonderfully. One session involved a ‘bin it’ quiz where Year 3’s had to put items in the correct coloured recycling bin, another involved a ‘match the fact’ activity.

The ‘re-use’ group planned a creative activity where students had to make bird feeders from empty toilet roll holders. The sessions were fantastic and our students came away feeling super proud and enthusiastic. One student said ‘I really liked the opportunity to actually teach younger children something, and am really impressed with how keen they were to learn about what we were teaching them’. Another student said ‘It is nice to know that we have been involved in something which hopefully the younger students will remember’.

Mrs Noble



May 2017