The Thomas Hardye School

Trenchard Recycling Project is a hit!


The Dorset Schools environment challenge was a competition that the Thomas Hardye school was keen to be involved in. The initiative was to reduce our schools waste and after a meeting with the leaders of the programme and other schools we decided to do a waste audit in our school. We found 45% of our waste was paper and only 15% of classrooms had a recycling box. We decided to set up a school wide recycling program. We collected recycled carboard boxes and labelled them with posters, we also put up around the school. Each box was them put into a classroom and a rota was created for classes to collect them and empty them into recycling bins. We met with teachers and sent out messages to reduce waste; we even wrote to our headmaster to reduce font size on documents to save ink.

We saw a dramatic reduction in our paper waste and we couldn’t believe the success of our environment committee`s endeavours.  But we didn’t stop at helping just our school, we wanted our part in the challenge to benefit not just the environment but the local community. So, we visited the Prince of Wales school to teach their year 3 class about reducing, reusing and recycling their waste. This was also a massive success and we plan to visit more schools in the future.  We also held bake sales and raised over £100 for Julia`s House charity.

On presentation day, we showed our school`s success and progress by playing a video containing evidence of all our hard work. We also produced a table top display to show how each of our aims were achieved, how we influenced other schools and benefitted the entire community. We all felt the challenge had made a huge, positive impact on everyone involved and we all saw first-hand how much of a difference it made. We were honoured and delighted to be named the winner of the competition and the prize of a year’s free recycling is going to help our school reduce our waste even more! This prize means we can continue to try and improve our school`s effect on the environment and start tackling different types of waste. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful scheme and are very proud of the work that we and all the other school involved have done.

Beatrice Bullough 10MO
Year 10




June 2017