The Thomas Hardye School

Thomas Hardye Carry off SIX Awards at Rock Challenge

Rock Challenge

Miss Higgins and Miss Lockwood took 50 students to the Southern Finals of the Rock Challenge on Friday 28th April in Portsmouth. The Rock Challenge is a competition sponsored by the Be Your Best Foundation.

The students were there becuase of their success at the regional final in Bournemouth. It was an incredibly exhausting and long day, but the students were fantastic and made their teachers and parents so proud. We came home with 6 awards and were awarded for the following:

-          Creativity
-          Video
-          Lighting   
-          Music

The performances and support were created, arranged and rehearsed by the students themselves, under the guidance of Miss Higgins and Miss Lockwood. As a result The Thomas Hardye School was also awarded for “Student involvement”.

All schools at the final had to vote for the “Spirit of Rock Challenge”. And again Thomas Hardye was overwhelmingly voted for this award. This was the award the school came home with after the heat in Bournemouth too.

These awards especially show how friendly, supportive and outstanding our students are, for the other nine schools to vote us as winners.

The following students should all be congratulated for their fantastic effort, talent and dedication:

Ali Kose-Harris
Jasmine Tweed
Ethne Morton
Adam Nightingale
Charlotte Foott
Christian Foott
Joe Morgan
Molly Gardiner
Abigail Davies
Jacob Trayfoot
Imogen Bell
Amelia Sharpe
Alice Padgett
Molly Dunne
Willow Jehu
Emma Torok
Megan Cooch
Toni Mitchell
Megan Campbell
Kate Wood
Lucy Bone
Rachel Whiter
Senan Jehu
Maisie Jackaman
Poppy Hymas
Ellie Davies
Zoe Cochrane
Madeleine Webster-Harris
Hannah Gale
Megan Ford
Emma Osborne
Ashleigh Boardman
Jenna Taylor
Emily Mcdonald
Grace Van Zyl
Eleanor Hill
Georgia Glynn
Carys Evans
Anastasia Helbert
Amy Norris
Shannon Jarvis
Lewis Ford
Susie Kibuga
Amber Willock
Ishana Smith

Rock Challenge



May 2017