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Walk for Water

This was the third year that students from Thomas Hardye School have participated in the Walk for Water, and each year the turnout is increasing. Over 100 students signed up to take part in the challenge; walking from Thomas Hardye School, through Dorchester, along the Jubilee Trail, up Came Down, along the ridge and down past the white horse to Osmington Mills and the sea! The speed at which all the students walked this 8+ miles was very impressive, clearly the students are getting fitter each year, and maybe the staff are getting older as well! Admittedly the way back was a touch slower, with more climbing to be done and a much heavier load to cart. However, this is the whole point of this. Students wanted to empathise with the 663 million people that do not have access to clean water each day and have to walk and carry this heavy load, despite this water source often still being unsafe. It tends to be girls that are given this job as well, which plays a big role in their lack of education and future prospects.

 “Walk for Water was a highly enjoyable experience and I was greatly honoured to be part of such a large fundraising and life changing opportunity for those in need. Starting on an overcast Sunday morning, we trekked through some of the hilliest landscapes in Dorset, arriving some hours later breathless and hungry at Osmington Cove. From here we proceeded to fill our water containers; five or ten litres. The purpose of this was to demonstrate and receive just an inkling of what some children and adults carry day after day over great distances in poorer countries. From here the true challenge began. Trudging through treacle-like mud and mountainous summits, we embarked on our long march back to school, encountering Dorset’s most exhausting terrain. Neither man or beast could stop us – we were on a mission. After several lengthy hours of walking, numerous blisters and masses of aching shoulders, we all arrived back at school before dark: success! In all, our journey was undoubtedly challenging but highly gratifying, both in the knowledge of our distance and our cause. Overall, I walked over 18 miles and 40,000 steps for an amazing charity. If I were asked to repeat Walk for Water again my answer needn’t be considered…yes!” Joe Thompson, Year 11 student.

Faith Morgan in Year 9 added “it was a hot, tiring and slightly painful walk, but doing it with friends makes it fun, enjoyable and a worthwhile experience whilst raising money for Wateraid… Everyone who took part should be proud of their team effort.”

Last year we managed to raise £4000 in total… will that be surpassed this year?

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Walk for Water

Walk for water


March 2017