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Blue Marine Present to Year 9

Comp Winners

At the start of February, BLUE Marine Foundation, of Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve, came into school to present to Year 9. The title of the team’s presentation was “Everything is connected”. They demonstrated that there were lots of sustainable ways that fishermen can catch their fish, that the food web is complex and the marine ecosystem depends on careful management.

BLUE Marine Foundation was established in 2010 and works with fishermen to educate students about the importance of the ecosystem beneath Lyme Bay, where a pioneering project analyses fishing activity data to inform its long-term management, aiming to safeguard biodiversity throughout the 60 square nautical miles of this very special local reserve. The School is very grateful to Neville Copperthwaite, Rowena Taylor and Nicky  Mitchard from Blue Marine Foundation for their time and excellent presentation.

At the end of the presentation they invited students to enter a poster competition on the theme ‘Protecting the marine habitat-reasons, problems and solutions’.

We are pleased to announce Elizabeth Fox was the overall winner with Harry McDougal and Ben Powles runners up. Our photo above shows the winners with their posters. Left to right Andrew Ellison (Head of Science), Elizabeth Fox, Harry McDougal and Ben Powles with Dr Jeremy Rowe (Head of Biology) on the right. These are the three winning posters.



First Prize Winner


Second Prize Winner


Third Prize Winner


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