The Thomas Hardye School

Important advice given to Sixth Formers


As half term approaches, staff and students in the sixth form will be remembering former student Louis Harris and thinking of his family and close friends. Last Valentine’s Night Louis tragically lost his life after entering the water in Weymouth Harbour on a night out celebrating his friend’s 19th birthday.  In his memory, his mother Holly Harris, has started an awareness campaign to keep other young adults safe on a night out. Mrs Harris has put together a presentation aiming to encourage young people to be aware of the potential dangers of alcohol consumption near deep water and in urban areas.

As Valentine’s night approaches, Mrs Harris has out together an awareness poster which has five keys pieces of advice-

1.       Check your mobile phone has credit and is charged

2.       Pre-arrange your transport home

3.       Know your alcohol units/ levels

4.       Keep away from water

5.       And most importantly stay together.

Over the last couple of weeks, Mrs Harris has been in to school to share her presentation with students in years 12 and 13 and her resounding message is that young people should look out for one another.

‘You should stay with your friends’ said Mrs Harris, continuing ‘if you are thinking of going off alone make sure you tell someone.’ The students were impressed and grateful that Mrs Harris had come in to school to raise awareness of these important issues. Year 12 student Kenny Kirkley fed back to Mrs Harris how much he had learnt from the presentation. Year1 3 student Malachi Coward thanked Mrs Harris for coming in to school and thought she had been very courageous in speaking about something so personal to help other young people. Head of Year 13, Katie Taylor, added ‘ We are very happy to work with Mrs Harris to help her to share her important messages to our students. What happened to Louis was so very tragic and if we can work together to prevent something like this from happening to someone else it is so very worthwhile.’




February 2017