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Success in Land Rover Challenge

Land Rover Challenge

Land Rover 4x4 Challenge at South Devon UTC – 31st January 2017

The Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge requires students to build a radio controlled four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle to the specifications provided by the International Rules Committee. It must successfully navigate and complete obstacles on an off-road test track which is just as demanding as a real off-road situation. The vehicle must emulate the capabilities of a full size 4x4 vehicle. Each team enters the vehicle into a Regional Final to compete for a place at the National Final. The National Champions from each country are then invited to compete at the Land Rover 4x4 in Schools World Finals! For more information see:

In the South West Regional Finals held at the South Devon UTC 31st January, the experienced team from Thomas Hardye came first in their group, and the rookie team came second in their group – a fantastic result and reward for their hard work in Future Engineers STEM Club!

Etienne Peach said "The whole experience has taught us so much about managing time and budgets, along with the importance of team image and marketing. Our team has developed just as much as our car and we are so excited to be moving onto the next stage in the competition. The whole club can’t wait to compete at the national level in a prestigious venue like Silverstone against the best teams from across the country.”

Etienne is the Future Engineers club leader and experienced Panthers team leader. It is completely student-led but we have had help from Dave Cheffey and also a STEM ambassador from Poundbury Systems, Steve Howes has been on hand to help problem-solve. The Future Engineers Club, led primarily by sixth form students, enters this challenge each year. Using a kit, the students ‘Design, Analyse, Make, Test and Drive’ their customised vehicle and are assessed for each stage of their performance including the challenge of seeking sponsorship! The two levels of competition are: “experienced” for those who have been before – this expects more customisation and building than the other “rookie” competitors who can race their kit car without modification. It is especially valuable as a club as it gives students the chance to nurture their interest in engineering across the science, technology, computing and maths divisions and grow in confidence, develop their team skills with enthusiasm and work to deadlines culminating in the competition. Support was also provided thanks to Arkwright funding in respect of Matt Torok’s Arkwright Scholarship.

The 12 competitors will receive Silver CREST Awards in reward for their efforts.

Here are the team members and their roles:

Panthers (Experienced team) Winners SW Region in their class

Etienne Peach Team Leader

Alex Jenkins Electronic Engineer

Naomi Roberts Resources Manager

Matt Torok Mechanical Engineer

Harry Cook Design Engineer

Joel Nugent Graphic Designer 


Armadillos (Rookie team) Runners-up SW region in their class

Ben Harries Team Leader

Barney Lines-Hembrey Design Engineer

Adam Barnes Manufacturing Engineer

Jeff Joy Graphic Designer 

Luke Hagon Electronic Engineer

Ollie Davy-Bowker Resources Manager

They were supported by George Livsey, Elliot Twigg and Adam Vinicombe who were allowed to observe and will doubtless be full team members next year (and will be awarded Bronze Crest Awards!)

We are grateful to Mike Januszewski  for taking them there (very early start!) and he is willing to take them to Silverstone, if we can sort out the finances and permissions and can seek potential sponsors to help with the costs!


Land Rover Challenge

Land Rover Challenge

Land Rover Challenge

Land Rover Challenge










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