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Model UN

On Sunday 29th January, we ran a trip to Bristol Grammar School to compete against other schools at a Model UN Conference. We won a whopping 9 awards  – it was an amazing day for which students have been preparing for months, giving up lunchtimes (and getting the coach at 6am yesterday morning!!) their success is a testament to their dedication.

Individual awards – this is where individual students represented their country particularly well on a specific committee. They needed to propose resolutions and amendments, offer points of information and speak for/against resolutions, students were competing with up to 40 other students in each committee for these awards. The awards are in order: Best delegation, highly commended delegation, commended delegation, special mention of delegation.

Sam Curry and Christian Kaas – Best delegation on the Disarmament Committee (representing Russia)

Calvin Schafer and Ruby Crook-English – Highly Commended delegation on the Security Council (representing Russia)

Jonathan Hammick and Bee Forder – Highly Commended delegation on the Disarmament Council (representing Israel)

Jake Perkins – highly commended delegation on the Economic Committee (representing Israel)

Helen Padgett – commended delegation on the disarmament committee (representing United Arab Emirates)

Joss Cresswell – highly commended delegation  on the Economic Committee (representing Russia)

Jess Prior and Gabriella Bailey – commended delegation on Human Rights Committee (representing Israel)

Delegation awards – this is where delegations (representing a nation) are judged as a whole. So they look at students representing the same country across all the committees and judge their performance. Again the awards in order are: Best delegation, highly commended delegation, commended delegation, special mention of delegation.

Ruby Crook-English, Calvin Schafer, Joss Cresswell, Laura Barrett, Sam Curry and Christian Kaas – Highly Commended Delegation (representing Russia)

Joe Smith, Charles Prior, George Carroll, Lorna Farrell, Kate O’Brien and Francesca Dewhurst – commended delegation (representing Chad)

I cannot stress enough how proud I am of these students, they have worked so hard and represented the school exceptionally, and as a result we have had a 9-fold increase on the number of awards from last year. I have attached some photos for your perusal too!

Ms Lynes

Model Un

model UN

Model UN

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