The Thomas Hardye School



On Friday 18th November, the PE department took on separate Year 12 and Year 13 teams in a charity netball match in order to raise money for Children in Need. Both teams were made up of male and females. The Year 12 match started first and they put out a strong team with some excellent shooting from Katherine Wilberforce and Charlotte Ashfield. However, the PE department held their own and successfully won the game 7-5. There was also some excellent shooting from Mrs Dean and Mr Goulding.

In the second match, the Year 13 were up and they were no match for the PE staff, who successfully won 9-3. With some excellent defending from Mr Pring and Mr Johnson turning over the ball, allowing Miss Bright at C, Mr Long/Mrs Biddle at WA and Mr Bradley WD to work the ball up the court quickly.

In total we raised £134.70, this is a fantastic achievement and we look forward to running this charity match again next year.

Miss Bright


November 2016