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Year 11 visit Oxford University

Oxford Visit

'Can computer science be used to replace live animals in drug testing?', 'How exposed is our personal security as a result of social media?', 'What is it like to study at University?' and, crucially, 'How do students get into universities like Oxford and Cambridge?' These were just some of the questions considered by Year 11 students when they visited Merton College at the University of Oxford on the 11th October 2016. The students travelled to Merton, our link college at the university, for the day to meet with students and academics and gain a greater insight into one of the world's leading academic institutions.

William Simmons of Year 11 wrote this account: "On the Year 11 trip to Oxford, we learnt many valuable answers to questions that we have been wondering about for a while. Questions included: ‘What forms of teaching are there at university?’ and we learnt that we can be taught through lectures, classes or even private tuition. We also learnt about ways to prepare ourselves before applying for university and, to finish off the day, we even had a lecture on Computer Sciences, including the topics of cyber safety and animal behaviour.”

Some student testimonials from the day include: "I have really enjoyed my trip to Oxford University. I have learnt all about the opportunities they provide and how they could benefit my future. It has inspired me to work harder so I could get into Oxford University," and: "It was really interesting to hear what the students thought of Oxford and about particular courses that I was curious about. In particular, I enjoyed the tour, which was extremely informative. The day was not only about Oxford, but about university life as a whole,” and finally: “Overall, the trip was thoroughly enjoyable and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to go!"

Oxford Visit

October 2016