The Thomas Hardye School

World in Dorset Day 2016

Mr Matthews

Was it a success? Did everyone have fun and learn something?

Today’s main objectives were:

  • To place a contemporary global issue under the microscope during a day of cross curricular learning;
  • To enhance student learning by demonstrating the interconnectivity of subjects, and;
  • To develop global thinking and critical evaluation in each student.

A group of students acted as a press team; going around the school speaking to teachers, finding out what the Year 9 students were learning, taking photos and documenting the events of the day. The Year 9 students had been doing a range of activities to boost their understanding of issues going on in the world, and they were also encouraged to take selfies promoting which of the 17 Global Goals they thought were most important. The student press team spoke to one of our THS Geography teachers; Mr Ormston. He had a very positive view on the day, and he said: “I think the day has been very successful, the students have learnt about the sustainable development goals and a little bit more about how they’re going to actually do something about it”. Mr Ormston also stated that “the selfies were very effective”, displaying the helpful use of modern technology as a learning technique.

The World in Dorset Day objectives were clearly met, and the Year 9 students’ knowledge of Global issues was improved. The students were given the opportunity to voice their opinion, and get involved and make a difference. We have some quotes from Oliver Cooke sharing his thoughts on the day: “Today was really good because we did things that we wouldn’t usually learn in school, and we’re learning about the world, the environment around us, and how to deal with it in the future”. We are delighted to hear that the students have learnt something from this experience, and are committed to helping us improve the world in the future.

We also conducted an interview with the members of a STEM group who were presenting their invention to their Year 9 peers; Robyn McKenzie, Izzy Campbell, Christabel Gregory and Lilian Tan: “It was overall a successful day, it got more interesting as we got more rehearsed. It got easier. It was a bit intimidating because of how many people there were watching us. But overall it was quite fun, and it was interesting seeing all the ideas of other people. It was interesting hearing about Tony from the ShelterBox, we learnt a lot more about what charities do and how they help.” Robyn also added, enthusiastically, “Go Tony!”

In conclusion, Year 9 voted Gender Equality as the most important Global Goal. This shows that hopefully our generation will be committed to focusing on improving gender equality and giving women equal pay for doing the same job as men in the future. Maybe by 2030 we will have achieved all these goals… Overall, we sincerely hope that everyone has enjoyed World in Dorset Day and gotten the most out of it, and learnt a bit more about Global Issues.


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