The Thomas Hardye School

Xavier College tour tournament


On June 29th 2016 we, (THS Development side being a mixture of U14/U15 and 1stXI), were due to play the formidable Xavier College who are touring England all the way from Melbourne; Australia.  However the English weather intervened meaning we were unable to play the cricketing giants in a traditional England V Australia outdoor format.  So the decision was subsequently made to mix the players up into four teams, and hold an indoor tournament.  After a few minutes and some rugby related jibes we were ready. 

The format was simple: you batted in pairs and when you get out you lose five runs.  The tournament held much entertainment there was suicidal running, crazy catches, spectacular shots and incredible bowling.  Although the winning team won on playing the best as a team; they also included a fair dose of individual brilliance including several one handed reflex catches and runouts.  Along with moments that those individuals involved (myself included) will probably never normally see.  For example: attempting a run with the ball two feet from our own stumps.  After the tournament was done then it was time for the Xavier boys to leave.  After wishing them the best of luck; and paying some remarks about past and future Ashes series; we sent them on their way.

Many thanks to Mr Hughes and Mr long for organising the matches.  

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Year 9             



July 2016