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On Friday 10th June, Donna Samways, who will be taking over the role of the PSHCE Coordinator in September, was invited to attend the launch of the Alcohol Education trusts On-line Learning Zone at The Isle of Portland Aldridge Academy (IPACA) 6th Form Samsung digital classroom. Oliver Letwin, Cabinet Minister with responsibility for The Cabinet Office and West Dorset MP, launched the new Alcohol Education Trust On-line Learning Zone and many other professionals were able to experience and explore this new learning facility.

The website is engaging, fun and accessible for both students and parents. As well as offering a wealth of important information and opportunity to test knowledge, the website allows young people to “rehearse” a night out. By completing different activities, such as dancing, eating, drinking and socialising, students have to make a range of different selections, which leads them to a realistic likely outcome if this were a real-life night out (including the outcomes if they were to drink too much alcohol).

As a tool, this website is well-thought out and through careful planning and design it has ensured that it is user friendly and most importantly informing, but interesting and fun to use. The students, who were demonstrating this system at the event, were genuinely enjoying using the website and were actively able to say what they had learnt as a result. The experiential nature of the website allows students to learn not just statistics and facts, but also to explore the emotional side of alcohol abuse and not making healthy choices.

The AET teaching resources have been rigorously tested to be effective by NFER (over three years) to reduce the age that children have their first complete alcoholic drink and evidence suggests that this is having a positive impact on young people’s decision making when it comes to drinking alcohol.

The school is proud to have had a long term input with the AET from launch with contributions from Jane Buckley, as the current PSHCE Coordinator and Mark Richardson is a Trustee of the trust - which is now a National Organisation funded from many sources including the Cabinet Office. We very much look forward to utilising the website within PSHCE lessons in year 9 and advertising it to our students and parents.


June 2016