The Thomas Hardye School

The Thomas Hardye School gains national recognition for high quality learning in religious education.

RE Award

The Thomas Hardye school has achieved a Gold award for the national RE Quality Mark. The REQM is a national award that recognises high quality learning in religious education.

The subject leader Mark Skinner at The Thomas Hardye school said, ‘This was a rigorous process which helped us to think about what we are doing well in RE. An important part of the REQM is that an assessor visits the school and talks to the learners about their experiences in RE’. These are some of the things which pupils/students at our school had to say:

‘RE is really interesting, and you have to put a lot of effort into thinking about a good answer.’

‘From RE lessons I have learnt about ethics. This has taught me how to make choices and what is morally right and wrong.’

‘I have been taught about many religions which are different from my own. This has given me an understanding of others’ views and beliefs.’

Talking about achieving the award, Mr Skinner, the subject leader said, ‘I think the fact that children were involved in the process was invaluable as it is very evident very quickly whether they love and actively engage in R.E. The REQM enables us to drive forward the message that we are committed to ensuring high quality R.E. takes place in our school and the benefits of this both for students and the wider community in which they live.’

Quality Mark

May 2016