The Thomas Hardye School

Stratford College Environment Project

Beach combing

Over the course of this year Stratford College students have been developing the Environment Project by working alongside Damer’s First School. Earlier in the year our students taught Year 4 students about the causes, impacts and solutions to the issue of litter on the beach and in our seas. This has then led to those Damers’ students producing a range of presentations on those ideas, including making some animations.

In April both schools joined forces to go on a fieldtrip to Chesil Beach. Litter surveys were completed and a massive beach clean was completed to improve the coastal environment, for tourists and locals to enjoy, benefiting the local economy, but also reducing the impact that it can have on a variety of wildlife.

Stratford College students were superb in their approach to working with the younger students and were excellent role models for them.

For more information on Litter Free Beach, please click here

A big thank you to Imogen Bell 9NW, Jay Cox 9AS, Charlotte Roberts 9AS, Joe Phillips 9HR, Reuben Sparke 9ZL, Zak Sheehy 9ZL, Jess Stacey 10SA, Charlie McBurney 10MU, Olivia Pearson 10MU Sarah Horsler 10MJ, Michael Norman 11PP, Rhiannon McDonald 11PP, Tyler Fea 11EM, Kiera Taylor 11US and Emily Thomas 11US






May 2016