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DASP students show off their ICT Skills


April 27th saw the Thomas Hardye School host a 'Kidsmeet' ICT event. These days involve young people demonstrating innovative uses of ICT to their peers. The event does not restrict ages of those involved. So its possible to see First school children explaining a technology they use to much older students.

Over 60 young people from DASP Schools, as well as IPACA in Portland, showed technologies ranging from Chrome books and laptops, through educational games, animation software to green screen fun. Thomas Hardye students showed programmable lego robots, mini drones and ran the animation studio.

Thanks to Gary Spracklen of IPACA we were also able to have Mike Webb of Google with us all day. He was showing some of the latest innovations from them and this included a technology called 'Cardboard'. Basically a cardboard frame for 3D lenses that your Smart Phone slips into. A free app can then send 3D virtual reality images to the phone and the viewer feels they are moving around a virtual world. Expeditions is a service from Google which collects these virtual worlds and makes them available for schools. Some of the 'visits' we were shown included mountain climbing, under the sea with sharks and a tour of Buckingham Palace. It was exciting to see a whole room go "Wow" at the same time.We also held a competition to create a Google logo, which was won by Freya of Frome Valley.

Head of Cheselbourne First School and outgoing DASP ICT Co-ordinator, Bob Duffin said it would be a day the children would always remember. The smiles on their faces told us that it had been a worthwhile exercise.

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