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Year 9 students are now published authors!

spine chillers

Just before Christmas, students in 9AS were encouraged to write 100-word mini sagas from the horror genre in their English lessons. The writing needed to establish an eerie, spine-tingling atmosphere and build blood-curdling tension.

9AS’s English teacher, Mrs Matthews, entered all the students’ work for a Young Writers’ competition and 16 of their mini-sagas were successfully selected for publication. Since this time, Mrs Matthews has received a copy of the ‘Spine Chillers: Terrifying Tales’ anthology in which all 16 sagas feature and each student writer has been formally acknowledged, in print, for their contribution.

Mrs Matthews was delighted to hear the news, “The students worked industriously to perfect their 100 words. They fully deserve the recognition they’ve achieved.”

We would like to congratulate the 16 members of 9AS who were successful, and to all you budding writers, don’t ever stop creating and crafting your work - you are never too young to become a published writer!

Mrs Russell