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THS Students learn about Rwanda, then and now


Carl Wilkens

Carl Wilkens

On Monday 29th February, all Year 13 Geography and Politics students took part in a Geopolitics Day focused around the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. They learned about the historical causes and the immediate lead up to the genocide and had the chance to participate in a Model UN style activity; making decisions about how the UN should have acted back in 1994 just before the genocide broke out.

Students were also fortunate to meet Carl Wilkens, who was the last American to remain in Rwanda and decided not to follow advice to leave the country. They also had the opportunity to skype Laura Lane, who was a consular officer at the US embassy during the genocide.

In the last session of the day, students also learned  about Rwanda since the genocide and how it has developed. This was led by Hellen Abatoni, student at the University of Reading. The students took a lot away from the day and have thoroughly cemented and extended their knowledge of this event in history.


Model UN

Start of the Model UN


Skype to laura lane

Laura Lane Skypes from the US

Carl and theresa wilkens

Carl and Theresa Wilkens







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