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"J’adore le roast beef!"


French Exchange

Who would have thought, a young lady from Bayeux very keen to return to her host family for roast beef dinner? But that’s the kind of thing that happens during an Exchange week! And what a week it was!  A student in the French group was heard to say “This has been the best week of my life!”

Day 1 was based in school experiencing the English education system. At lunchtime, French and English students gathered in C11 for a very enjoyable buffet provided by our excellent catering staff. The weekend was spent with host families who had planned a range of activities and visits around Dorset. The rest of the programme included a day in London, Roman Baths and of course, Dorchester, where they met the mayor for a very entertaining and informative encounter. The French students particularly enjoyed being invited to dress as members of the council! They also visited the market and sampled the traditional cream tea! The week seemed to go very quickly but there are clearly lasting memories and friendships!

Some students’ thoughts:

“The time the French Exchange spent in Dorchester was really enjoyable for us and the opportunity to show someone from a different culture my day to day life was fascinating for both the French exchange and myself. To see how someone who lived geographically so near had such different responses to things I didn’t even consider. Similar to the way we all found those differences so often unnoticed by native French people surprising and interesting when we were in France. The element of pride when they returned impressed from London and Bath or the fun of working out how to explain some quaint English custom when dictionaries weren’t enough, mixed with the group outings and gatherings to make an incredibly fun week and we all felt sad saying ‘au revoir’ to our exchanges when they got on the train. I know we really enjoyed the experience of being part of an exchange and hope the French students did as well.”

“I loved the Exchange and already miss my ‘correspondant’, it helped my French so much and will hopefully see Margot again in the Summer!”

“I really enjoyed the Exchange and felt the experience helped a lot in improving my French, and definitely reinforced my motivation to learn the language.”

"The exchange has been great fun and has really helped my French skills. When the French students came to England, it was very nice to see her again, catch up and it was fun and useful to be able to have conversations in both French and English, helping both of us in languages. I would definitely recommend it!"

French Exchange

French Exchange

French Exchange




March 2016