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Thomas Hardye School was very grateful to Alok Jha, ITV Science Correspondent, who took time out of his busy filming schedule to give our penultimate Community lecture of the season on “The Extraordinary  Story of Water” and to headline the school’s celebration of British Science Week. During the day he had been in Somerset, filming from a biplane for a future BBC programme, and was due in Leicester bright and early the following morning.

Alok began by telling of his experiences in the Antarctic and relating it to Douglas Mawson’s expedition in 1911-13 and his sufferings. He used the study of the Antarctic and in particular icebergs to look at the properties of water. He explained that, even in an apparently icy wasteland, life can exist and that it is the presence of water that makes this possible.

He gave a brief but fascinating account of the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang and then how the Earth formed, first as a dry world and then getting bombarded by dust particles containing water which, over millions of years, formed the seas.

He explained that we now believe water to be present in some form on all worlds – extrapolating the understanding that water is essential for the formation of life, it seems likely that life has evolved elsewhere. ‘The Water Book’ on which Alok’s talk was based, was published last year to great reviews and will be available in paperback in May.

Other school events to mark British Science Week are well underway. Year 9 and 10 students met 26 inspirational professional scientists and researchers from across the south of England for a ‘Meet the Scientists’ day to learn about the multidisciplinary nature of their work and their career paths (coinciding with National Careers Week). Thomas Hardye students and staff are also joining forces with pupils from Frome Valley First School to celebrate Science Week by taking part in a ‘Discovering Oceanography’ experience on board RV Callista at the National Oceanography Centre, and a ‘Gopher Science’ Day at Frome Valley School. Puddletown First School reception class will be taking part in a ‘Demo Day’ rocket science adventure in the Thomas Hardye Science Department. And last but certainly not least, the annual STEM Challenge organised by Bournemouth Soroptimists has reached the final hurdle; two of our Year 9 teams of girls ‘Shoemakers’ and ‘Mad Hatters’ presented projects aimed at improving the lives of girls and women in third world countries at Bournemouth University on Tuesday evening and we are delighted that the Mad Hatters have been selected for the final on Thursday evening (17th March).  


Alok Jha

Alok Jha


Alok Jha

Alok Jha


Meet the Scientist

One of our Meet the Scientist contributors ('Alas, the poor Yorick Twins, I knew them Horatio!')

STEM Teams

The two STEM Teams at Bournemouth University

Callista Visit

The visit to RV Callista




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