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Students improve the view from their window!


Mr Foley prepares to cut the ribbon and declare the art work open with some of the students and Joanna March of TADC.


A group of twelve students from Years 9, 10 and 11 at The Thomas Hardye School have been working with local artist Peter Margerum to create a recycled artwork outside of the school’s Speech and Language base. 

Over the last eight weeks they have worked together and in smaller groups to create a variety of imaginative pieces which fit together in an even more resourceful way. They have used recycled resources from bikes, beaches, sports equipment, building sites as well as bottle caps and pieces of wood. This mix and match of supplies has formed an inspiring area of the plain walls outside the base.

Not only has this opportunity meant these students have been able to create and explore a different and unique art form, but it has given them a chance to meet new people and create friendships.

When asked about the experience Isabella (Year 9) said “It was fun!” and Beatrice (Year 11) said “The experience has been a unique chance for me to meet new people and explore art in a fun environment outside of class. It has also given me a chance to do something different with other people.”
Overall, this eight week course has been a great success, with an incredible piece of work designed and made by students for students and will be on full display.

When the work was finished, the students invited parents and teachers to an open evening to see the results. 

The project was organised by The Arts Development Company as part of their Short Breaks programme, commissioned by Dorset County Council, to provide a break for parent carers outside of school hours whilst their children take part in a high quality and enriching arts activity. The Arts Development Company is a social enterprise, delivering benefits to the community through arts and culture.

Joanna March of TADC said, “It’s so important to be able to provide such opportunities and support for families and clearly a bonus that the young people involved have not only had the chance to work with an artist, learning a new art form and how to use different tools, but have gained new friends and confidence and have experienced that great feeling of working as part of a team to create a fantastic piece to share with the whole school.”

Jules Daulby and Elaine Hurley from Thomas Hardye School were delighted with the project. They said ‘it has been lovely to see different aged students working and socialising together and  a pleasure to see the results they came up with’.

The Arts Development Company (formerly Dorset County Council’s Arts Team) is a community interest company and, along with other arts and cultural projects spanning many different disciplines, has been delivering Short Breaks for the last 4 years.

If, as a parent, you would like to find out more about Short Break availability see:

If you are a SENDCo/teacher and would like to organise some Short Break workshops to take place at your school, please contact:

Bea Woodhouse (Year 11) and Isabella Montague ( Year 9)

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