The Thomas Hardye School

Local MEP talks to Thomas Hardye Sixth Form


MEP with students

Clare Moody MEP spoke with sixth formers about her role in the European Parliament and why she believes that Britain is better off in the EU. She talked passionately about how EU membership helps Britain deal with practical issues like climate change and tax avoidance and about the moral case for remaining in the EU. The EU was initially created to ensure a lasting peace in Europe and she believes that it would be wrong for Britain to turn its back on this.

Clare said that a big concern for her in leaving the EU was that Britain would be taken less seriously on the international stage and she was apprehensive that an independent Scotland was more likely in a Britain that was not an EU member. Clare answered questions from Robert Carrick-Smith, Joe Arey and Monty Knight about EU reform and the EUs failure to organise a cohesive response to the migrant crisis.

In the afternoon, Clare did an in-depth workshop with Year 12 and 13 Politics students on her life as a politician and the importance of the EU on the international stage. It was a very informative morning and has no doubt helped THS sixth form students in making up their mind about how to vote in the referendum.

On Friday 5th February, there will be a debate in the school theatre, presenting the arguments for and against Britain remaining in the EU.














February 2016