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Year 11 Aspiring Minds Present Outstanding Work


HPQ presentations

On the evening of Wednesday 13th January, a group of 15 Year 11 Aspiring Minds members invited staff, students and parents to their Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) Presentation Evening. The HPQ is a standalone qualification designed for students to develop and extend an academic topic or area of personal interest outside their main programme of GCSE or A Level study. Students are required to establish a working title for their project, conduct research, write a 2000 word report, present their findings and complete a production log.

The HPQ Presentation Evening represents the culmination of the students’ hard work and determination to complete their projects. Project topics included ‘Designer Babies’, an exploration of the use of gene therapy; ‘Romanisation of Dorset’, a study of the Durotriges of Dorset and to what extent they adapted to the changes brought about by the Roman invasion; and ‘Bruce Lee’, a report on how Lee contributed to the development of mixed martial arts and combat sports. A truly eclectic mix!

Each student was required to produce a tradeshow style presentation board with printed resources, props, images and photographs as evidence of their research, writing and reflection. Students were then asked questions by the variety of visitors who came to support them; these questions encouraged the students to articulate how they felt the project process had impacted their academic and personal lives, how they tackled the challenges of the qualification and how they reached their final outcomes. Throughout the project, every student has been supported by a supervisor, a member of school staff with relevant knowledge and expertise, most of whom also attended the evening itself. Thank you to all those who were able to make it - your encouragement and enthusiasm was invaluable.

Visitors at the evening were highly impressed by the students’ originality and creativity, as well as their intelligent responses to questions. Mr Foley was equally impressed: “Congratulations to everyone involved in the HPQ evening. It was exceptionally well organised and each candidate was able to speak about their research topic with a high degree of expertise, including some insightful comments about the process they went through. I am sure it will inspire other students to become involved in future years.”

Well done HPQers!

Mrs Russell















January 2016