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Thomas Hardye students amongst winners of National Poster Competition.


Poster Winners

The 11th October 2015 was designated as UK Fungus Day, promoted as part of 2015 Biology Week by the British Mycological Society. The Society ran a national poster competition with a closing date in December on the theme of Fungal Interactions. We are pleased to announce that Oliver Taylor in Year 10 and Sophie Parvin in Year 11 (both from Stratford College), have won major prizes in the competition – Oliver won one of the top 5 prizes of £100 and Sophie was one of 10 runners up getting £50.

The aim was to produce an A4 information flyer which could be used to educate the public, in a fun but informative way, about the fascinating ways in which fungi interact with other organisms in the natural environment. The Competition guide explained: “There are over 120,000 known species of fungi and they interact with each other and with other organisms in myriad different ways. These include for example; interactions between fungi and plants, fungi and insects, fungi and humans, fungi and other animals (including nematodes, frogs, ruminants and bats, fungi and bacteria and fungi and algae). These interactions may result in diseases or may be symbiotic interactions where either one or both partners benefit.”  The best entries will appear on the BMS UK Fungus Day website  in due course.

The competition was run as an autumn-term inter-college school enrichment activity for triple science students in Year 10 and selected classes from Year 11 with many students producing excellent work and learning a lot about fungi in the process.  Oliver Taylor’s national competition winning poster depicted Cordyceps whereas Sophie Parvin chose to describe and illustrate Bat white nose syndrome. Other Year 10 entries were judged by Mr Lewis, who organised the students’ participation, and Mrs Wardlaw; book tokens were awarded  to Lauren McIntyre (Henning) for depicting Smith’s Amanita, Rosabella Gregory (Trenchard) for Cordyceps, Jemma Gugan (Stratford) for Mycena chlorophos,   Ewan Rollett (Napier) for  Golden Jelly fungus.

Head of Science Mr Ellison congratulated Oliver and Sophie and presented them with their prize-winning certificates and cheques. A gallery of the top posters is displayed.

This year’s UK Fungus Day events will take place over the weekend October 8th -9th and will be one of the themes celebrated in the DASP Family Festival of Science.

Oliver's Poster

Ollie Poster


Sophie's Poster

Sophie Poster


College Competition finalists


Ewan Poster


McIntyre Poster







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