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What is the Hardyeans Club?
We are an association of ex-pupils of the Thomas Hardye School, and also of the schools from which it was formed, namely Hardye’s Grammar School for boys, Dorchester Grammar School for girls (the Green School) and the Dorchester Secondary Modern School, on whose site the current school stands. We embrace young and old and do not exist just for older generations.

Why would I want to join?
One of our main aims is to provide a way for ex-pupils to keep in touch with their friends. In these days of e-mails, mobile phones, social networking on the internet etc. this might seem like an unnecessary aim now that it is so easy to keep in touch. However, who can say what will happen in 10, 20 or even more years ahead. Technology is moving so quickly that change is inevitable, and often changes result in the loss of a communication method and the contacts that go with it. Also people move house, change their e-mail addresses, phone numbers and so, and not all their acquaintances are informed.

The Hardyeans Club maintains a database of all its members, holding postal and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, and any one who is a member has access to this database. As long as the club exists in the future so will the database.

What else does the Club do?
We issue a quarterly Newsletter, distributed to members by e-mail and also available on our Web Site. This contains many items submitted by club members, giving news about what they or their colleagues are doing. There are also items about activities of the club as a whole, such as regular attendance by members at the annual Remembrance Day Parade at the school gates.

We also have an Annual Dinner in March to which all members and their partners are invited, and also meet in the The Poet
Laureate, Poundbury on the last Thursday of every month for a chat over lunch (except November).

A Cricket Match is held each year between a team from the Club and the current School Team. We are hoping to add to this with more events of a similar nature.

We now have a Facebook Group, which anyone can look at and on which club members are able to post comments and so on. Just click on the Facebook link on this page.

How much does membership cost?
Every pupil of the Thomas Hardye School leaving the 6th Form is given an Associate Membership for one year, generously paid for by the school, during which time they have access to the newsletter and club activities. After that there is an annual fee of just £5.00.


How can I join?

Hardyes Shield Visit our Web Site at and click on ‘Join the Club’.

facebook logo Our facebook link is