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Parent Local Governor Election Result


I am delighted to be able to inform you that Mrs Helen Arthy has been elected as the new Parent Local Governor for the Thomas Hardye School.

The Governors look forward to welcoming Mrs Arthy to the Board in the new year.

Vicky Smyth

Clerk to Governors


The Thomas Hardye Governing Body consists of the following Categories:

Foundation Governors    9
Staff Governors    2
Parent Governors  2

Head Teacher 1

Currently there are 16 Governors

The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Vicky Smyth

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The Governors of Thomas Hardye School are:

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Foundation Governors:

Mr Martin Baker
Mr Garry Batt (Chairman)
Mrs Lynne Cove (Vice Chairman)
Mr Tony Foot
Mr Tim Gallego
Mr David Grassby
Prof Hugh Griffiths

Parent Governors: 

Mrs Helen Arthy
Mrs Karen Weir

Teacher Governor:    

Mrs Laura Cheney

Support Staff Governor:

Mr Mike Faulkner

Co-opted Governor:

Mr Simon Conibear

Head Teacher:        

Mr Mike Foley



Governors' Committees

Finance and Resources

Garry Batt
Martin Baker (Chairman)
Simon  Conibear
Mike Faulkner
Mike    Foley
Tony    Foot
Tim Gallego (Vice Chairman)
Teresa  Macklin (Associate)
Iain Cornell

Learning and Community

Garry Batt
Laura Cheney
Lynne  Cove - (Chairman)
Mike Foley
David Grassby – (Vice Chairman)
Hugh Griffiths
Karen  Weir
Other Member/s of SMT as appropriate

Link Governors

Governor responsible for Safeguarding Mrs Karen Weir


Governors' Meetings for 2016-17

  • Autumn Term 2016

    Governing Body  28/09/2016 4.30  CR
    Learning and Community       12/10/2016 4.30  CR
    Finance and Resources 19/10/2016 5.00 CR
    Governing Body     07/12/2016 4.30   CR

    Spring Term 2017

    Finance and Resources 19/01/2017 5.00  CR
    Learning and Community 12/01/2017 4.30  CR
    Governing Body  28/03/2017 4.30  CR

    Summer Term 2017

    Learning and Community 17/05/2017    4.30  CR
    Finance and Resources 24/05/2017 5.00 CR
    Governing Body  14/06/2017    4.30  CR

    HT      Headteacher’s Office
    TR      Training Room
    CR      Conference Room

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Register of Governor's Business Interests 2014-15

The Thomas Hardye School - Report & Financial Statements

The Thomas Hardye School - Value for Money Statement

Value for Money Statement 31st August 2014 Adobe Acrobat document [117kb]

Value for Money Statement 31st August 2013 Adobe Acrobat document [117kb]

N.B. This is incorporated in the Reports and Financial Statement Documents from 2015 onwards.


The Thomas Hardye School - Supplemental Funding Agreement

Supplemental Funding Agreement Adobe Acrobat document


Documents are as Adobe Acrobat Documents - view in your browser or save to your computer.