Exams Laptop/Word Processors

Principles for using a word processor
The Thomas Hardye School complies with the JCQ Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments regulations as follows:

Centres are allowed to provide a word processor with the spelling and grammar check facility/predictive text disabled (switched off) to a student where this is their normal way of working within the centre and appropriate to their needs.

Although this list is not exhaustive, reasons a student would benefit from a word processor include:

The use of a word processor will not be granted to a student because he/she prefers to type, works faster using a keyboard or because they use a laptop/computer at home. 

The use of a word processor is agreed/processed at the start of the course. The Thomas Hardye School is only able to allow Word Processors as an access arrangement when this has been recommended by an appropriate Specialist Assessor referred by teaching staff.  In addition to the assessment, we must have sufficient evidence that the arrangement represents the student’s normal way of working, and is appropriate to their needs. We therefore collect evidence for students who have access arrangements to ensure subject teachers fully support the need for the arrangement.

Access to word processors is provided to students in controlled assessments or coursework components as standard practice unless prohibited by the specification.

Students may not require the use of a word processor in each specification. Subjects and their methods of assessments vary which leads to different demands on students. The need for the use of a word processor is considered on a subject-by-subject basis.

The Centre is also aware that examinations which have a significant amount of writing, as well as those that place a greater demand on the need to organise thought and plan extended answers, are those where students will frequently need to type. Examinations which require more simplistic answers are often easier to handwrite within the answer booklet.

The use of a word processor

Word processors and their software