Specialist Base Provision

The Complex Communication Needs (CCN) Base at The Thomas Hardye School is a 9 place resourced provision for young people who are experiencing significant communication difficulties. These difficulties are severe enough to affect the way in which they communicate and interact with other people on a day to day basis.

The aim of the CCN base is to work with these students to develop their social skills, confidence and independence, both learning and the wider world.

Students who have places in the base will usually have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). Places in the base are agreed at termly meetings attended by a panel of professionals. They will decide together if the young person meets the entry criteria for the Base.

Young people who are allocated a Base place will have:

They may also have:


Support from specialist staff

Students will be able to access the curriculum of a mainstream school; but need extra help and support to do this. This might mean individual teaching or enhanced support on a day to day basis. The base leader, deputy base leader and teaching assistant team offer 1:1 targeted support, group skills building and in-lesson support to help students develop the skills they need.

Working with other professionals:

The CCN base is supported by speech and language therapists and by an occupational therapist. These professionals run group and 1:1 sessions to work with students on their specific needs.

Home school communication:

Working in partnership with parents/carers is essential in helping students gain the most from both school and home. We aim to build good communication links with home, and work closely with parents/carers throughout students’ time at The Thomas Hardye School.