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Access arrangements are the reasonable adjustments made to examinations to enable young people with SEND to access GCSE and GCE qualifications. They are designed to meet the needs of the student without affecting the integrity of the assessment (JCQ 2015).

Young people can qualify for the following arrangements:

  1. 25% Extra Time
  2. Reader/Computer Reader
  3. Scribe
  4. Use of Laptop
  5. Rest Breaks
  6. Prompt

To qualify for access arrangements the young person will need to have an assessment.

Any recommendations arising from this will need to be supported by the Class Teacher, in order to make sure it is the young person's normal way of working.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology provides an alternate mode of performing a task so that disabilities are compensated for or by passed entirely. We are currently using the following to support our young people.

  1. Read Write Gold (computer reader)
  2. Reading Pens
  3. Dragon (voice activated software)