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Thomas Hardye E for E


Thomas Hardye SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) support is used to enable and empower our young people, so that they develop confidence and growing independence.

Education for Everyone is our ethos, we call our Department E for E.

The E for E Staff

Mrs Hurley Mrs Brazier Mrs Newman

Mrs Elaine Hurley

Mrs Sue Brazier
Communication & Interaction

Mrs Clare Newman
SEND Manager


Ms Killoch Mrs Gale Mr Farmer

Mrs Rachel Munro
CCN Base Leader

Mrs Hayley Gale
Deputy CCN Base Leader

Mr Mark Farmer


Parents/carers and family play a vital role in the education of young people and have a unique insight into their children's needs.

Please contact the SEND Department (E for E) if you have any questons or concerns about your son/daughter.


Contact: efore@thomas-hardye.net

Phone: 01305 266064