The Thomas Hardye School

Cashless Catering at Thomas Hardye


Introduction of Cashless Catering  at Thomas Hardye School

We are pleased to be able to inform you that as from the beginning of November 2014 we will be introducing a 'cashless catering' system to the school canteen.  This means that students will no longer need to bring money into the canteen to buy food at breaktimes and lunchtimes.

Students will be provided with their own electronic accounts which they will be able to use to pay for items from the main canteen (Years 9, 10 and 11) or the Sixth Form canteen (Years 12 and 13).  Parents will be able to 'top up' their child's account by adding credit via our online Parent Pay facility.  Alternatively, students will be able to feed cash/coins into revaluation machines provided in school.

We strongly recommend that parents use Parent Pay to add credit to their children's accounts.  Parent Pay is quick and easy to use, removes the need for students to bring cash into school and allows parents to view (and restrict) what their child purchases in the school canteen each day.  Further details of Parent Pay are provided below.

Biometric Identification
Our new cashless catering system relies on finger print recognition. This means that when your child reaches the canteen check out all they need to do is place their finger on a scanning pad.  This recognises who they are and allows the value of the products they have purchased to be deducted from their account.

Parent Pay

A 'school meals' payment item will be added to your Parent Pay account, enabling you to login at any time to add credit to your child's account. Simply click on 'add to basket' and then insert an amount between £1 and £100. You will be able to top up the account at any time.

To prohibit overspending, the system will be set to limit spending per day to a maximum of £5 per child, however, if you feel it is necessary, you can stipulate a different daily limit for your child, higher or lower,by e-mailing

On Parent Pay you will also have the options to view and/or restrict your child's food choices.

If you have forgotten or mislaid your login details,please e-mail  for the login details to be sent to you.


If you wish your child to register for biometric identification in the canteen (finger scanning), you will need to provide consent by completing the consent form and forwarding it to the school office:

Download the consent form here.


There is also another good reason for using Parent Pay…

You can receive e-mail or text alerts when your child’s school meals account balance is getting low, prompting you to top it up.
To set this up, first make sure you have registered and verified a main mobile number and email address*

To set up alerts follow these steps:

  1. Log into your ParentPay account
  2. Click the ‘Communications’ tab
  3. Then click ‘Change alert settings’ - from here you can choose to receive email or SMS alerts 
  4. You will need to enter the threshold for balance alerts.  For example, if you enter £2.00 as the threshold for Low Balance Reminders you receive an email / SMS alert when your child’s balance drops below £2.00

*Please remember to verify your email and / or mobile number to receive alerts

E-mails are free; texts are 6p each.

For lots more help on making the best use of Parent Pay, go to You can access this via the school website – ‘For Parents’ – ‘Parent Pay Website’ – ‘Parents’ – ‘Parents FAQ.