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Exams - Advanced Information

Below you can find the exam board’s advanced information for GCSE and A-Level subjects. Please note that advanced information is not available in all subjects, for example GCSE Geography and History, or BTEC subjects at KS5, as other adaptations have been made to the assessments.


Biology (Triple Science)11/03/2022182 KB
Business Studies11/03/2022123 KB
Chemistry (Triple Science)11/03/2022186 KB
Combined Science11/03/2022223 KB
Computer Science07/02/2022224 KB
Dance11/03/2022142 KB
Design & Technology - Graphics11/03/2022111 KB
Design & Technology - Resistant Materials14/03/2022133 KB
Design & Technology - Textiles11/03/2022111 KB
Drama22/03/2022148 KB
Electronics14/03/2022129 KB
English Language11/03/2022122 KB
Food14/03/2022307 KB
French11/03/2022142 KB
Maths11/03/2022424 KB
Music11/03/202299 KB
PE14/03/2022237 KB
Phyiscs (Triple Science)11/03/2022178 KB
Spanish11/03/2022143 KB
Theology & Ethics11/03/2022236 KB


Biology11/03/2022170 KB
Business14/03/2022163 KB
Chemistry11/03/2022162 KB
Classical Civilisation11/03/2022367 KB
Computer Science10/02/2022202 KB
Core Maths14/03/2022135 KB
Dance11/03/2022190 KB
Drama (A-Level)11/03/2022210 KB
Economics16/03/2022119 KB
English Language11/03/2022146 KB
English Literature11/03/2022237 KB
French11/03/2022202 KB
Geography11/03/2022198 KB
German11/03/2022166 KB
History (Early Modern pt. 1)14/03/2022195 KB
History (Early Modern pt. 2)14/03/2022159 KB
History (Modern pt. 1)14/03/2022186 KB
History (Modern pt. 2)14/03/2022194 KB
History of Art11/03/2022152 KB
Japanese11/03/2022163 KB
Law11/03/2022238 KB
Maths (Further Maths)11/03/2022231 KB
Maths11/03/202294 KB
Media Studies14/03/2022175 KB
Music Technology11/03/2022369 KB
Music11/03/2022149 KB
Physical Education11/03/2022270 KB
Physics11/03/2022166 KB
Politics11/03/2022260 KB
Product Design11/03/2022110 KB
Psychology11/03/2022209 KB
Religious Studies11/03/2022257 KB
Sociology11/03/2022169 KB
Spanish11/03/2022167 KB
Textiles11/03/2022110 KB