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What is Student Voice?

We are a group of students who aim to change and improve the ways in which certain things are run within the school. We’re made up of students of all lower school years, colleges and perspectives, working together to make sure we have a say in our school lives. Also, we often have cookies at meetings.

Who can join?


You don’t have to be political or outspoken, and you don’t need to have done anything like Student Voice before.

You can drop in and out as you like. There’s no pressure to be at every meeting.

How can you join?

Drop us an email at, and we can add you to our Teams group so you know what’s going on.

Once you’ve joined our Teams group you’ll be notified when our meetings are happening (usually on Thursdays at lunch), but you don’t have to come to every single one.

What does Student Voice do?

We regularly give feedback to the school leadership about what could change to make our lives better, as well as working on our own projects such as improving our PSHCE curriculum.

We also believe in making sure Student Voice members can gain new skills, so make sure to practice skills such as public speaking.

If you’re interested in being a part of something meaningful, consider joining, or just coming along for a few Thursday meetings, and have your voice heard.

Recent Work

We have been involved in the surveying of online learning and communication with teachers to let them know how students are experiencing remote learning. The following infographics show some of our findings.