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THS students honour National Holocaust Memorial Day

THS students honour National Holocaust Memorial Day

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THS students honour National Holocaust Memorial Day A number of activities have been undertaken as part of Thomas Hardye School’s status as an IOE Beacon School in Holocaust Education. This new status puts the Thomas Hardye School at the forefront of Holocaust education and pedagogic research with only 20 secondary schools in England being chosen for this prestigious new scheme.

In January, every student from year 9 to year 13 had the opportunity to contribute to a powerful and thought provoking wall of remembrance which can be found in the Learning Resources Centre.  Each student took the name of one Jewish child who did not survive the Holocaust and wrote it on a luggage tag.  More than 2000 tags make up the display, only a fraction of the 1.5 million Jewish children who did not survive but impressive none the less. 

Students and staff alike have commented upon how the project has allowed them to connect with the event on a more personal level and have found the display to be deeply moving.  The significance of the tags relates to the theme of Journeys – the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014, which took place on Friday 24th January.

There will be further activities and presentations at Thomas Hardye during the School’s Holocaust Memorial week, beginning on February 24th.

THS students honour National Holocaust Memorial Day

February 2014