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Beacon school logoThomas Hardye School students and staff have been involved in events in Dorchester, Blandford and Shaftesbury as part of this years International Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations. As a IoE Beacon School in Holocaust Education, students from the school were involved in a months preparation for these events looking mostly at the Rwandan genocide of 1994 in addition to the Holocaust itself.

THS students gave a very emotive and sensitive presentation of a news article from 3rd June 1994 detailing a massacre in northern Rwanda after having heard the testimony of local Holocaust survivor and Kindertransportee, Harry Grenville. 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and students have received a recent invitation to attend the UK national commemoration of the Rwandan genocide on April 12th this year in Birmingham.


Thomas Hardye student presentation of a news article detailing a massacre in northern Rwanda

George Timms with Kinder transport Holocaust survivor Harry Grenville

Daniel Drysdale and Rueben Elcock lighting candles  in remmebrance of the victims of genocide

Daniel Drysdale and Rueben Elcock lighting candles in remembrance of the victims of genocide


Candles in remembrance of the victims of genocide

These recent events mark the begining of the schools Holocaust and Genocide Education Programme under the direction of THS Humanities teacher, Kevin Matthews, Mr Matthews said "All the students involved in the commemorations were a true credit to themselves and the school. They conducted themselves with decorum and sensitivity throughout. They worked diligently to learn as much as possible about both the Holocaust, and the Rwandan genocide of 1994, in order to do justice to the memory of all the victims. Genocide is a crime against humanity, it doesn't come out of nowhere, it is the evil fruit of a long cultivation and it is down to us, as members of a responsible society, to strive to prevent it, regardless of where it is."

Olivia Loader helping to make part of the Kindertransport artwork

Olivia Loader helping to make part of the Kindertransport artwork

THS Students discussing the Kindertransport artwork with Olivia Loader

THS Students discussing the Kindertransport artwork with Olivia Loader

The school's Holocaust Memorial Week is due to take place between the 24th and 28th February 2014 and is set to be an excellent week of cross curricular learning for all year groups. Key events include: a community lecture by Prof.Richard Overy on Monday 24th February, and a public performance of Confessions ofa Butterfly, the story of Janusz Korczak and his orphans in the Warsaw ghetto on Thursday 27th February. The school library has already made a powerful and moving display at the entrance of the library consisting of 2000  luggage tags with the names of Jewish children,some as young as 2 years old, who did not survive the Holocaust. Luggage tags were chosen because the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day this year is "Journeys" and each THS student has written one tag and as such have all played a part in this creating this display.

Latest phase one CCF recruits with training team and OC Waterloo Company

Some of the 2,500 luggage tags representing children murdered during the Holocaust

For more information on the Thomas Hardye School's Holocaust and Genocide Education Programme, please email Kevin Matthews at:

The Thomas Hardye School would like to thank the following for their direct involvement in the recent commemorations:

Elisabeth Davies, Henry Love, Chloe Elcock, Ned Mumford, Shannon Herring, George Timms, Olivia Loader, Daniel Drysdale, Gemma Quinn Comas, Rueben Elcock, Hugh Copson, Nick Molland, Rex Fisher, Emma Brunt, Bryony Murray, Ellen Smith, Livvy Wise, Alfie Borland, Toby Ingram, Georgia Dean, Libby Whale, Brad Lees, Alex Carey, Alex Anderson, Izzie Molland, Lorraine Bowley, Kevin Moore, Delphine Didier, Gill Copson, Maddi Heinrich and Sue House.

January 2014